Weaving with words. 
Fragments of fragile conversations

Weaving with Words. Fragments of fragile conversations.
8 May 2022
Growing Pains

This publication is a collection of fragments and glimpses of the day we spent together.

The words, reconstructed from notes, and the images are by the workshop participants:

Aino Sofie, Andrea Knezović, Ayumi Higuchi, Corine Aalvanger, Delphine Bedel, Ewa Kruttova, Ola Lanko, Kate Motyleva, Katya Krupennikova, Parisa Aminolahi, Thana Faroq, and Yana Klichuk.

Edited by: Growing Pains (Agata Bar, Zhenia Sceshchinskaya and Daria Tuminas)

Publication design: Ayumi Higuchi

Edition: 100

Printing and binding: Terry Bleu

© Growing Pains