Collaboration with Trigger

One of the integral parts of Growing Pains’ activities is research. While working on our own productions, we have set out to map the already existing range of practices related to artistic and photobooks made with a child in mind, meet makers, and zoom in on specific cases, weaving together the otherwise fragmented discourse.

For the upcoming short series of research materials, we have teamed up with Trigger – a critical magazine on photography and visual culture published by FOMU, Antwerpen. The series kicked off with a conversation with Susan Meiselas, photographer, educator, and president of Magnum Foundation, published on the 2nd of June 2023.
Growing Pains spoke with Meiselas about her two books, published five decades apart, aimed at inspiring children to pick up photography and explore visual thinking to understand themselves and the world around them better. The conversation touched on the books coming out, the intentions behind them, their differences and impact, and Susan’s teaching experience. The long-read text is structured in ten blocks according to theme: Revisiting, Gathering, Mixing, Object, Beyond ‘Me’, Age, Activation, Teaching, From Within, and Understanding. 

Read the full long-read on Trigger’s website.

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Susan Meiselas, Learn to See: A Sourcebook of Photography
Projects by Students and Teachers
(2021, delpire & co, Paris).

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