Vulnerable Manifesto

Vulnerable Manifesto is a collection of starting points, questions, and fragments of conversations that have shaped the Growing Pains initiative over the past year.

It can be read as an introduction to the practices of both Growing Pains and the artists we’re collaborating with. Recorded and noted, you’ll find snippets of conversations that took place during our group meetings in early 2023. For us, it was important to document and share the collective process of bookmaking, as well as the development of the projects within– it sheds light on the intense reflections, the inspiring atmosphere and the collaborative act of making.

In the zine, Agata Bar, Daria Tuminas and Zhenia Sveshchinskaya – the founders of Growing Pains speak in a single voice. Other voices in this publication belong to five artists – Sophia Bulgakova, Lia Dostlieva, Ola Lanko, Katia Motyleva, and Kateryna Snizhko. These makers, all of Ukrainian background, worked together on new projects that will constitute the first book published by Growing Pains – In Pieces – to be launched in the fall 2023.

Many thanks to George H. King for asking the questions, cutting the noise and helping us find the right words.

Design: Ayumi Higuchi and Yuri Sato
Paper: Arena Natural Rough 120g | 200g
Printing: Terry Bleu
Binding: AGIA

Thanks to the generous support of AFK and Pictoright
© Growing Pains